Customized EDI Integration Solutions
MegaXML is one of only a few EDI solutions which work with SAP Business One. It has the cleanest interface and functionality. Assistance of your expert staff we have a viable EDI solution at a cost which is much less than the next best available.
Director IT, Freedom Plastics

Prior to embarking on B2B E-Commerce EDI integration with ERPs, TPG provided IT consulting service to Fortune 500 companies in variety of verticle industries. The following is a sample list of corporations.

NORTHERN TRUST I want to thank you a thousand times over for your anticipating and responding to our technical needs in such a timely manner. You not only filled a gap at a very critical time for us, you provided a well-qualified technical resource fully capable of performing the responsibilities that were assigned to him. From the moment he arrived he aggressively pursued work and expected to remain busy for the duration of his term. He is a great asset to any technical group.
SIEMENS Having your consultant on assignment with us helped my team restore end user confidence, and its reliability as a critical business system. In the past, large projects like the data migration process previously mentioned would most likely have been a bumpy and expensive ride to say the least. His depth of skill, commitment to job excellence and quality made me look good and helped me sleep more soundly at night. He is a joy to work with, is friendly, quick to smile, and people feel comfortable working with him. Although his IT skills are prodigious, he's a likeable guy too, not coming across too technical or overbearing as some people with his experience and skill often do when working with end users and clients. When hearing that he was leaving, many people asked me to say good bye to him for them indicating they really enjoyed working with him.
SIEMENS I can wholeheartedly recommend him for projects that require knowledge of MS SQL Server databases that are accessed via both client and browser-based interfaces. One recent example illustrates his creativity and desire to create a solid solution. In order to make the updating of client workstations easier to accommodate, he built an automated solution using a link to a web page. Users were sent an email with the link and after clicking on it, the upgrade process began automatically and then sent confirmation emails to the support staff so we could track the progress of the workstation upgrades. It significantly cut down the man-hours previously required to physically upgrade each PC.
SIEMENS BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES Your consultant consistently met any challenge we could throw at him. His ability to work with disparate systems and effectively integrate them so that, to the end user, they appear as one has been astounding. I have never met a person with the breadth and depth of your consultants' experience in the IT arena. His skill extends far beyond that of "mortal men" due largely to his years in the technology field and his willingness to tackle any problem. The solutions he developed for us are elegant, completely functional and rock-solid.
INTERSTATE INSURANCE GROUP Your consultant continually exhibited a high level of commitment, competency and excellence. He has been involved in the design, development and testing phases of various projects in addition to research and documentation to define project architecture. He has aided junior members of the team with problems or questions and has the strength of being flexible in difficult situations.
CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE Your consultant is a highly motivated and dedicated worker. He developed a price reporting/price display/web page application that allows entry of bids and offers, sorts and displays them in real time to the trader pit and to the CME website. We thoroughly enjoyed his time with us at CME, and I believe he would be an asset at any organization.
CINCINNATI BELL (CBIS), (now Convergys) Your consultant has worked at CBIS for the last seven months. He has become a valuable member of the RPM team. He willingly takes on assignments and tackles problems. He has good working relationships with team members and management. His can-do attitude has been a positive influence on the team. Your consultant creatively asks the appropriate questions to gain a better understanding of how the project will be designed. Projects that he tests are completed with a high degree of accuracy. He is a team player who works well with others and for the benefit of the client.
MOTOROLA Your consultant discovered a new process when the vendor claimed it was not possible. He also accepted the challenge of producing detailed administration and user guides for his projects. While he was with us, he was continually looked to as THE Oracle expert, and amazed my staff, finding solutions to problems with SQL and Oracle that we could not.
MOTOROLAI have been extremely pleased. These projects result in millions of dollars of annual savings. Your consultant has made significant contributions to these projects. His level of integrity is beyond reproach and he has always put in the highest level of effort requested.
MOTOROLA Your consultants' expertise work ethic, and team orientation enabled him to become a highly productive member of our organization. I would give him my highest recommendation.
AMERITECH, (now AT&T) As well as his technical skills, your consultant is a great team player. His desire for a quality product and commitment to this quality have helped me numerous times in my role as interface coordinator. I have totally enjoyed working with him and am confident that he would be an asset to any organization.
KEMPER SERVICE COMPANY The contribution your organization has made to our systems efforts was not only significant but also very professional and well received.
British Petroleum (BP), (formerly AMOCO) Your consultants' accomplishments were an important factor in our highly successful webcasting program. He developed our Multiencoder Tool that allows us to encode multiple streams using a single processor and also allows us to deliver slides as part of the webcast event in a manner not possible with other applications or vendors. Without his skills, knowledge, experience, and innovation, we could not have completed a single successful webcast. On top of this, he is a joy to work with. His constant smile and eagerness to participate continually kept our spirits high.
British Petroleum (BP), (formerly AMOCO) As you know we put each contractor through rigorous and thorough interviews. Although our openings were publicized to numerous consulting firms, you were able to continually find the best-qualified candidates. As a result, our project has been staffed primarily with contractors from your organization. We appreciate your efforts in screening the candidates and submitting only those meeting our high standards. You made our life easy!
British Petroleum (BP), (formerly AMOCO) Your consultant did an outstanding job in completing his assignment in a quality cost efficient manner. His demeanor enabled him to work effectively as a team member and help us achieve the successful results we did. Further, he spent considerable time educating my staff so they would be able to assume responsibility of the system when he left.
British Petroleum (BP), (formerly AMOCO) The quality of work was excellent because the production application developed required only nominal maintenance. This Inspection Management System was a major initiative that was completed within cost and time constraints.
British Petroleum (BP), (formerly AMOCO) Your consultant has definitely exceeded our expectations. It has indeed been a pleasure having him a part of our team.
British Petroleum (BP), (formerly AMOCO) Your consultant produces high quality work and is consistently ahead of schedule. She is very conscientious and pleasant to work with. Her overall performance has been excellent.
British Petroleum (BP), (formerly AMOCO) I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the outstanding effort contributed to the Systems Development Support Department of Amoco Corporation. The hard work, dedication and aptitude demonstrated by your consultant is appreciated by the fellow members of her team, their clients, as well as Amoco's Information Technology management.
British Petroleum (BP), (formerly AMOCO) Extremely dedicated, thorough, and an impassioned contributor to the success of this project ... I wish to recognize and thank your consultant for her extraordinary performance and contributions to the COMPLETE Project, and I enthusiastically look forward to working with her again in the future.
British Petroleum (BP), (formerly AMOCO) Again, thank you for your help in supplying us with the quality help we needed. Your company has helped to resolve some difficult staffing situations.
British Petroleum (BP), (formerly AMOCO) Task Performance Group is a company which prides itself with providing outstanding consultants, and I can't overstate my respect for the work their consultants have accomplished. Their dedication and professionalism is very much appreciated.
British Petroleum (BP), (formerly AMOCO) It is with great pleasure that I write this letter. We have worked together on a project of great importance because of its worldwide exposure. Your consultant contributed significantly to the success of this multi-million dollar effort by exercising his superior technical and consulting skills on the most complex part of the project. The extra effort allowed us to complete the project earlier than planned and with great success.
ZURICH AMERICAN INSURANCE Task Performance Group has always provided us with consulting services at the highest degree of professionalism.
BELL & HOWELL Task Performance Group's (TPG) performance, attitude, competence and degree of professionalism and responsibility have always been above reproach. Consequently, TPG is consistently our first choice when consulting services are required.
OFFICIAL AIRLINES GUIDES I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. I have received positive comments from everyone.
W.W. GRAINGER I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again. I have received positive feedback from all. The extra time spent to answer specific CICS design questions has proved very beneficial in the design of current ICS applications.
ANCILLA DOMINI HEALTH SERVICES I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again. I have received positive feedback from all. The extra time spent to answer specific CICS design questions has proved very beneficial in the design of current CICS applications.
ALDENS Mr. Merchant has the ability to furnish only the highest caliber of individual expected in the field of consulting. His performance and that of the people in his organization is exemplary and truly a credit to the consulting profession. I am pleased to recommend Mr. Merchant and his organization. Task Performance Group is at the top of the list for consulting services we would use at Alden's.

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