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MegaXML/HCS Healthcare Solution

MegaXML/HCS provides a solution to solve the data integration and compliance issues for the healthcare sector. MegaXML/HCS can help healthcare organizations improve the quality and efficiency of communication while reducing cost. Whether servicing an insurance, pharmaceutical or medical equipment company, MegaXML/HCS meets the challenges created by the standards regulation, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Collaborative Solution
Healthcare organizations handle information every day and deal with physicians, hospitals, laboratories, insurance companies and others. Data needs to be convenient to access and exchange. MegaXML open standards-based technologies such as XML, SQL and the Internet will collaborate with your existing systems.

Protect your investment in back-end System
MegaXML/HCS empowers a controlled transition to open standards-based technology by offering solution that integrates with you current legacy system and ERP. MegaXML/HCS solution enables businesses to integrate HIPAA transactions both inbound and outbound: Inbound: receiving an EDI HIPAA documents from another organization, validating its contents, and mapping the data to virtually any legacy system and ERP. Outbound; generating valid HIPAA transactions from the same array of legacy systems and ERP.

MegaXML/HCS is ready to help healthcare organizations comply with government HIPAA regulations. The HIPAA data standard is a unique implementation of EDI. In addition to requiring that specific transactions be formatted following the ANSI X12 standard for EDI, HIPAA requires extensive validation of the content of these transactions. By using the power of XML schema validation we can guarantee HIPAA compliance. This rules based schema validation ensures both the validity of incoming and outgoing HIPAA transactions incorporating unique business process.

MegaXML/HCS supports smooth handling of HIPAA transactions with a variety of data transporter channels through which these transactions can be exchanged such as - VAN, AS2, FTP, SOAP (Web Services), HTTP.

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