Customized EDI Integration Solutions
Single Source relies heavily on data exchange between its warehouses and logistics partners. Allowing synchronization in distribution cycle such as inventory, POs, outbound orders etc. The stable and seamless environment provided by MegaXML allows Single Source to be online 24x7 as close to real time as possible. Single Source has benefitted with the MegaXML solution in providing a full-time employee equivalent services. The solution provides us more time to focus on creating efficiencies in our core IT infrastructure.
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IBM iSeries (AS400)

iSeries (AS400) Seamless integration with EDI & XML MegaXML-AS400

B2B E-commerce is the heart of doing business between company buyers and suppliers. Due to high volume of transactions large to midsize companies use iSeries (AS400) based EDI translator. More and more midsize to large companies are looking for solutions for their iSeries (AS400) EDI translator to convert this functionality to PC based platform. iSeries (AS400) based EDI software is about 25+ years old and the new EDI software products such as MegaXML® are utilizing revolutionary high speed PC based technology that can provide cost and time savings high performance solutions.

MegaXML/AS400 is an IBM iSeries (AS400) EDI translator replacement on PC based platform. It translates EDI, EDIFACT and XML transactions from trading partners and delivers in required iSeries (AS400) formatted flat-files. Inbound EDI and EDIFACT data is converted into XML and can be delivered in a variety of required formats such as ASCII, EBCDIC, XML, flat-file etc. Your investment in the existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and legacy system remains intact.

MegaXML/AS400 is a complete replacement for EDI translator running on iSeries (AS400). All pre and post processors around iSeries (AS400) series EDI translator remains intact therefore no major business process modification is required thereby keeping your investment in legacy and ERP system intact.

MegaXML is fully automated set of customized E-commerce Pipelines. EDI and EDIFACT documents are automatically downloaded and uploaded between remote B2B trading partners and iSeries (AS400). EDI documents are then translated and mapped by MegaXML into required iSeries (AS400) formats and transferred to iSeries (AS400). Similarly for outbound, whenever the iSeries (AS400) is ready to send Shipping Notices and Invoices etc documents, the MegaXML pipeline gets activated and documents are translated (EBCDIC data is converted to ASCII; and mapped into required EDI or EDIFACT documents and delivered to appropriate trading partner(s).

  • The MegaXML/AS400 uses the open standards-based architecture to communicate and store data between trading partners and iSeries (AS400).

Operational Details
In order to implement MegaXML/AS400 no modifications are required to the iSeries (AS400) legacy or ERP process. The MegaXML/AS400 is a C# (sharp) subsystem developed on .NET platform. There are several advantages in using open standard architecture:

  • Internet Communication: It is a powerful mechanism to establish communication between iSeries (AS400) and its outside trading partners. It provides extended functionality and empowers MegaXML with extended communication and customization capabilities.
  • Portability: Open Standards provide portability between various iSeries (AS400) operating systems.
  • High Level Data Integrity: Inbound and outbound EDI and EDIFACT data are converted into XML and validated against XSD (XML schema Definition); therefore, there's no chance of bad data getting injected into iSeries data files

iSeries (AS400) EDI Translator Replacement with MegaXML/JDE

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