Customized EDI Integration Solutions
What sold me on MegaXML was the fact that TPG can customize the software to meet our needs. Most EDI software packages are not fully customizable. MegaXML eliminated need for an in-house EDI hardware and software cost.
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Supplier Web Portal

Non-EDI Suppliers integrated with ERP and Legacy System

a web portal product that uses your Internet browser, interacts with a VAN and Internet such as AS2 or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to cut data-entry time by 75%, while eliminating chargebacks due to incomplete EDI documents. MegaExchange is designed for small to midsize companies to become EDI / EDIFACT or XML ready in a very short time, usually within 24 hours. It works with the Internet using Web browser. It has a strong infrastructure using the most recent, cutting-edge technologies such as XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and standard GUI Mappers. MegaXML infrastructure provides elaborate E-commerce capabilities making EDI / EDIFACT trading process possible with XML, thereby bringing the old EDI / EDIFACT technology to new technological horizon.

MegaExchange makes transaction data accessible throughout the enterprise by web-enabling EDI data without requiring an expensive VAN (Value Added Network.) The inbound EDI / EDIFACT data is transmitted to Task Performance Group (TPG) through the trading partner's VAN and via Internet using AS2 or FTP (File Transfer Protocol.) After receiving inbound EDI / EDIFACT, MegaExchange infrastructure translates it and makes it available for the targeted supplier via the web portal. The supplier then reviews inbound transactions such as POs, and with a few key strokes creates ASNs and invoices for outbound processing. MegaXML receives the outbound transaction and creates outbound EDI / EDIFACT for transmittal to the trading partner.

Supply chain EDI | Supply Chain Management EDI

MegaExchange services includes

  • 24/7 availability.
  • Accessible from any remote location.
  • Quick implementation of EDI / EDIFACT and XML data exchange.
  • Requires only Internet and browser to operate.
  • One central location to access all your EDI /EDIFACT and XML data.
  • Not limited to a select list of trading partners.
  • No software to buy or download.
  • A fixed monthly Service Fee.
  • Accessible by multiple users and locations.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ability to transform POs into invoices and advanced ship notices (ASNs.)
  • E-mail notification.
  • Printing capability.
  • Integration for backend system available.
  • Substantial benefits compared to traditional EDI / EDIFACT methods.

MegaExchange WebPortal eliminates

  • The need for costly translation software at your site.
  • The need for constant software revisions due to ever-changing EDI / EDIFACT requirements.
  • The user's need to know and understand EDI / EDIFACT.
  • The need for constant EDI / EDIFACT and XML implementation and support.
  • Value Added Networks (VANs) as an essential EDI / EDIFACT component, resulting in real cost savings.
  • The need to purchase software.
  • The need for in-house EDI / EDIFACT expertise.
  • Time-consuming implementation routines.
  • In addition, high-speed Internet document transfer, reporting capabilities and back-end integration capabilities.
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