Customized EDI Integration Solutions
I couldn’t imagine how we used any other product but MegaExchange. The ease of use with this system not only cut our data entry time by at least 75%. I would highly recommend this product as well as your company to anyone looking for up-to-the-minute technology and top-notch service.
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Enterprise Application Intergration

enterprise application integrator MegaConsole is a modular, add-on component of our core product, MegaXML. It has a strong infrastructure backbone based on the most recent, cutting-edge technologies such as XML and standard GUI Mappers. It's open standard architecture is completely object oriented, and uses a class library allowing to customize business logic - the core infrastructure unchanged, except for the business logic, which is customized.

Built to Customize
MegaConsole provides an easy-to-use GUI interface which allows clients to implement a system of customized, business specific rules to facilitate more efficient back-end processing of supply chain management (SCM) applications. MegaConsole converts incoming transactions to XML, making them web-enabled and accessible on an enterprise-wide basis. MegaConsole receives EDI / EDIFACT data and translates into XML along with data definitions in XML schema format. The XMLized data is further processed using business logic and returns customized results in various formats such as flat-file, EDI / EDIFACT and XML. MegaConsole also applies the client's business logic to update appropriate back-end databases and/or distribute data to the appropriate back-end legacy or ERP system in real time.

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I cannot imagine how we used any other product. This ...
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