Customized EDI Integration Solutions
Our previous EDI and EDIFACT solution required hardware, software an IT employee who often struggled to keep up with customers’ mapping requirements. Using MegaXML solution we have been able to eliminate the mentioned overhead and our IT employee now has more time for further important projects
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IBM Mainframe EDI

MegaXML-MPE is an EDI / EDIFACT translator and automation engine designed for high volume and high performance systems. It is designed to replace Mainframe EDI translators with highly efficient Servers for a fraction of IBM mainframe EDI translator cost. Your investment in the existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) will remain intact. It performs Parallel Asynchronous Processing to extract the best performance from Intel Server Cluster. It has a built in Scheduler, Redirector and Load Balancing engines that performs as its own Operating System for maximum throughput. MegaXML-MPE is linearly scalable by simply adding additional servers as needed in a cluster without any software modification. In coming EDI data is converted into XML and delivered in a variety of required format such as flat file, XML etc.

MegaXML-MPE is designed for high volume IBM iSeries (AS400), and IBM mainframe EDI translator replacement on PC based Servers. MegaXML-MPE makes use of Distributed Processing, Hyper-Threading and .NET Operating System features to attain the blazing speed for high volume transaction processing. It performs the same EDI translation functions and delivers the same output as IBM mainframe on an average of 49 times faster than IBM mainframe EDI translator. With advent of multi processors the speed of MegaXML-MPE translator can be extended infinitely.

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