Customized EDI Integration Solutions
TPG analyzed Avlonís business process and designed a customized turn-key solution using their MegaXML software. The EDI process was automated and integrated enterprise wide to collaborate with back-end ERP thereby improving supply chain efficiency. Within the first year our investment in MegaXML was paid off. Saving thousands of dollars in chargebacks due to 100% EDI compliance. Attaining two-fold increase in orders.
CEO, Avlon
Oracle Fusion ODI - Oracle Data Integrator

MegaXML and Oracle Fusion ODI Integration
Outgoing documents from Oracle are passed on to the Oracle Fusion and the Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) component provides XML version of these documents. ODI utilizing HTTPs document transport protocol posts these documents to MgeaXML. The MegaXmlHttps listener component receives these documents and provides them to MegaXML automation component. Data is validated, mapped and converted to EDI. MegaXML transport component using VAN, AS2 and FTP sends data in the EDI format to appropriate trading partners.

Inbound EDI documents from variety of trading partners are received by MegaXML via VAN, AS2 and FTP. EDI documents are translated to XML, mapped and posted to the customerís Oracle Data Integrator ODI via HTTPs protocol.

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