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SAP NetWeaver eSOA Partner-delivered Enterprise Services (PdES)

What is SAP PdES?
Before we talk about SAP PdES it is important to understand SAP's new platform called eSOA (enterprise Service Oriented Architecture). In its newly created eSOA architecture SAP has broken down its Enterprise software into small business functions called Enterprise Services (ES). Business functions such as "Add Sales Order" that require SAP ABAP programming are now easily accomplished by an Enterprise Service created by SAP.

Using (consuming) these ES, developers can accomplish an entire business function without requiring complex development efforts. SAP has provided hundreds of these Enterprise Services and made them available for consumption on the Internet using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Consuming ES is easier than creating (Provisioning) ES which is also known as PdES. Since SAP can't provide ES for every vertical industry, SAP invited a select group of about 15 companies to provide industry specific ES. Task Performance Group, Inc. is the SAP's recognized leader in B2B E-commerce in integrating EDI on the SAP Enterprise Services (ES) platform was selected for this challenge.

MegaXML/ESA successfully delivered SAP the functionality in creating (Provisioning) ES for use by SAP systems worldwide.

"The Partner-delivered Enterprise Services initiative 2008 has been a huge success thanks to your great contribution. We would like to thank you for the time that you invested and congratulate you on your success. It was your effort and your dedication that made all of this possible."

Hans-Joachim Odlozinski, Architect, SAP Germany.

MegaXML is now equipped to provide any industry specific functionality ES for SAP Enterprise Services (ES). Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model has proven once again to have capabilities beyond imagination. MegaXML creates (provision) SAP ES and the execution results can be consumed by SAP systems around the world.

Task Performance Group, Inc. provides B2B E-commerce software and services for a variety of ERP systems such as SAP®, Oracle®, Microsoft® and many more. Our datacenter near Chicago provides hosted and completely managed EDI, EDIFACT and XML solutions on SaaS architecture.

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