Customized EDI Integration Solutions
What sold me on MegaXML was the fact that TPG can customize the software to meet our needs. Most EDI software packages are not fully customizable. MegaXML eliminated need for an in-house EDI hardware and software cost.
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Profile & Mission

Our mission is straight-forward: to provide best-in-class EDI B2B eCommerce and outsourcing solutions in a partnership approach for large and medium sized businesses.

The integrity and trust our customers have come to rely on has not changed. The speed with which we apply technology has. We are using an accelerated technology adoption philosophy to focus on the enterprise-wide EDI needs of our customers, arming ourselves with tools in improving our relationships while continuing to provide, the best services for EDI integration.

TPG specializes in enabling enterprise-wide, EDI, EDIFACT and XML integration based business solutions in the areas of B2B E-commerce, and supply chain management (SCM). TPG has been a Previously certified Microsoft® business partner and Previously SAP® Certified Integration partner since 2006. Our EDI, EDIFACT and XML business solutions are designed with open standards-based architecture and developed on the Microsoft .NET platform. As a full-service EDI software company, TPG delivers complete EDI business solutions and services for:

  1. Any current and future EDI/EDIFACT users such as manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers, as well as hospitals.
  2. Any company planning to replace their current EDI operation to next generation technology solution that will grow with their business needs.
  3. Any company that desires to integrate their EDI processing with back-end ERP and legacy systems.

EDI Outsourcing Solutions Provider
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