Customized EDI Integration Solutions
MegaXML solution has provides a FTE-equivalent service; making available a full-time EDI analyst in my groupto focus on other commercial B2B opportunities. Transitioning to MegaXML and EDI activity following conversion has been transparent.
Director, IT – Cerro Flow Products

TPG regularly partners with the companies below during the normal course of our EDI and B2B eCommerce consulting engagements.

The MegaXML solution has provided an FTE-equivalent service, making available a full-time EDI Analyst in my group to focus on other commercial B2B opportunities... The real benefit, however lies ahead. As our trading partners adopt technologies such as AS2 and XML, we will be able to respond with agility, again leveraging our partnership with Task Performance Group. I thank you again for adding value to our EDI initiative.
IT Director, Cerro Flow Products.
Has benefited with the MegaXML solution in that it provides us with a full-time employee equivalent service. Knowing that your group is monitoring our data exchange allows our IT department to focus on important internal projects.
IT Director, Single Source
Task Performance Group analyzed Avlon's business process and designed a customized turn-key solution using their MegaXML® software that uses XML and the Internet to process EDI from JC Penney. The EDI process was automated and integrated enterprise wide to collaborate with back-end ERP system there by improving supply chain efficiency.
CEO, Avlon Industries
"Before MegaXML, our EDI process was very complicated and confusing. Without a dedicated EDI specialist on my staff, it was very difficult to resolve any problems.What sold me on MegaXML was the fact that TPG can customize the software to meet our needs.TPG was able to program their software to make it compatible with our ERP solution, which cut down on the time and costs of the manual data entry."
System Administrator, Anderson Fittings
"This is one of only a few EDI solutions which works with the SAP Business One application and of those, yours looked to have the cleanest interface and functionality.at a cost which is much less than the next best available solution.the product along with the staff at TPG has made adding trading partners easy."
IT Director, Freedom Plastics
"Prior to the MegaXML implementation my team was spending a lot of non-productive time troubleshooting EDI and EDIFACT related issues.it was overly complex with a number of potential points of failure.with the help of TPG team we were able to take advantage of the latest developments in technology with SAP and Microsoft that helped us eliminate much of the time consuming troubleshooting.
IT Manager, Kubota Engine America
"I'd like to thank you sincerely for the great products and services. Your MegaXML has streamlined Perfection's EDI processes, and allowed us to achieve a level of automation that was not previously possible. It has made the transition to new customers and trading partners much more efficient and swift. your staff has customized the offering so that every one of our partners' needs have been met. Your services allow us to trade whatever mixture of documents our customers and vendors require, whether XML, ANSI, EDIFACT. And all of this is done by sending you flat files straight from our ERP system. From our perspective, your solution is simple, solid, and successful."
IT Manager, Perfection Clutch
"MegaXML made our project back on track and implemented on time on budget.our major customer requested us to implement B-to-B and do business over the internet.with limited experience and resources, we had an extensive delay on the project.the time MegaXML started the service; it's heading for the right direction.at all times, I have found them to be a dependable, reliable and professional service provider."
Application/Integration Architect, Plymouth Tube
Previously we used a leading EDI software package.if we experienced problems or wanted to add a trading partner.it required. contacting both vendors to get things resolved.TPG is now our single point of contact to deal will all EDI issues.Wisco does not have dedicated EDI specialist on staff so it's great to have TPG there to resolve issues and implement changes quickly with a minimum effort.the old software needed to be installed on each PC.requiring a license for each. MegaXML, a portal application, can be run from any web-capable PC providing tremendous flexibility and fault tolerance. It also eliminates software updates which take time and troubleshooting."
IT Director, WISCO Industries
BIOCARE LABS, I cannot imagine how we used any other product. This system not only cut our data entry time by 75%, if there is any data entry errors we will know before the document is sent, so we can go back and fix them and no longer get any chargeback for late or missing EDI documents.
Operations Manager, BioCare Labs
AVLON INDUSTRIES, Great ROI. Evaluating the savings provided by MegaXML, we were able to reduce our order entry staff and reallocate them to other projects. 100% accuracy in order processing; 100% savings on trading partners chargeback due to EDI errors. It provided us with 24/7 order processing capabilities.
IT Director, Avlon Industries
Biocare Labs
I cannot imagine how we used any other product. This ...
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The MegaXML solution has provided an FTE-equivalent ...
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