Customized EDI Integration Solutions
I couldn’t imagine how we used any other product but MegaExchange. The ease of use with this system not only cut our data entry time by at least 75%. I would highly recommend this product as well as your company to anyone looking for up-to-the-minute technology and top-notch service.
Operations Manager– BioCare
Customized EDI

TPG carries a decisive competitive advantage into each EDI / EDIFACT business process automation engagement. Specifically, our flagship B2B E-Commerce software product - MegaXML and all of its modular components are designed on the open standard-based architecture. This in turn, positions us to build customized, tailor-made interfaces that are geared exclusively to the needs of each client, as opposed to being bound by the limitations of a generic, "one-size-fits-all" products.

MegaXML Benefits
  1. View EDI - Web Portal – This portal provides:
    1. 360 degree view of each PO, linking PO >ASN >Invoice
    2. View of translated EDI documents into IDoc format
    3. View of translated EDI documents in XML format
  2. Reporting System - Business Analytics – provided via email
    1. Daily, Weekly and Monthly - Transaction statistics containing EDI transaction types and number of transactions processed for each trading partner.
  3. MegaXML is a Previously certified Partner with SAP® and Microsoft® as well as Business Partner with IBM®. MegaXML solutions are included within SAP’s Pinnacle Finalist Awards.

  4. MegaXML architecture and technology is so impressive that SAP recognizes its values by awarding MegaXML “SAP Co-Innovation Lab” emblem.

  5. MegaXML solution’s advanced technologies and open standards-based architecture delivers customized EDI solutions for your unique business requirements.
  6. Our staff has extensive IBM technology expertise.
  7. TPG’s trading partners include various vertical industries, ensuring expertise and integration within your current as well as future growth into vertical markets.

    S.No. Industry Business Trading Partners  Summary
    1 Automotive Advance Auto, Chrysler, GM, JEGS, LUK, NAPA, Summit, Transnet
    2 Distributors Dakota Drug, Morris Dickson, Value Drug
    3 Electronics Allied, Digi Key, Johnston, Newark, TTI
    4 Food American Blue Ribbon Holdings, US Foodservice, Vicorp
    5 Grocers Affiliated Foods, Fred Meyer, Giant Eagle, Henna Ford, Kroger, SuperValu
    6 Healthcare Baxter, Cardinal Health, GHX, J & J, Owens & Minor, Tyco, US Oncology
    7 Manufacturing Alcoa, Caterpillar, Cerro, CNH, John Deere  
    8 Pharmaceuticals AmerisourceBergen, McKesson, Pharmacy Products Canada
    9 Retail Ace, Best Buy, CVS, HD, JC Penney, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens
    10 Steel Algoma, Ispat, Niagara LaSalle, Nucor, USX
    11 Transportation ABF, Conway, FedEx, Holland, Overnite, Roadway
    12 Wholesale BJ’s Wholesale, Costco, SAM’s Club 
    13 Warehousing Frozen Assets, Hanson, Oneida

  8. Delivering guaranteed success within controlled, monitored and measured upgrades using MegaXML’s solid foundation, positioning your business for growth.

Why MegaXML solution Makes Sense?
TPG has implemented the latest Microsoft .NET Technologies to create the MegaXML product suite. Open standard-based technologies such as XML (Extensible Markup Language), standard GUI Mappers, and C# (Sharp) on a .NET platform to work with any heterogeneous operating system like IBM Mainframe, iSeries (AS400), HP or SUN. Some other fundamentals of our approach are.

New Technology, Leveraging open standard-based architecture
The old B2B E-commerce was performed using only the VAN (Value Added Network) which is very costly. The new B2B ecommerce processing is done in either of the two ways:

  1. A combination VAN - Internet solution, and
  2. Internet and web based E-commerce application. MegaXML takes advantage of the new E-commerce platform and leverages Internet and web capabilities to formulate the best customized solution.

XML Data is easily integrated with Advanced Software Solutions
The old E-commerce uses difficult to interpret, 30-year old EDI format. It is hard to read and comprehend. MegaXML has a built in translator that takes EDI / EDIFACT data format and converts it into XML (Extensible Markup Language). XML is becoming the new standard of B2B E-commerce because it is much easier read and use and since EDI/EDIFACT expertise is no longer required, our clients are free to implement XML data further processed to provide flat file format with back-end processing applications.

Reduced Human Resource Utilization: EDI / EDIFACT is difficult to understand and its stringent format requires you to make continuous changes, whether those changes affect you or not. This requires an EDI / EDIFACT expert to be on staff to institute frequent changes requested by the trading partner. Fortunately, MegaXML outsourced (hosted) (SaaS) solution processes all changes required by your trading partner without the assistance of any on-staff EDI / EDIFACT expert. This in turn, frees our clients invest their time and energy to other core business matters providing competitive business advantage.

Lastly, another strong feature of MegaXML is simple automation. MegaXML infrastructure is available 24/7. EDI / EDIFACT transactions are processed immediately upon being received from your trading partners. The translated inbound EDI / EDIFACT transactions are available in electronic format for our clients to process without any manual interference, thereby reducing further data entry processing requirements. This process provides operational efficiencies resulting in tremendous savings.

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I cannot imagine how we used any other product. This ...
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