Customized EDI Integration Solutions
Single Source relies heavily on data exchange between its warehouses and logistics partners. Allowing synchronization in distribution cycle such as inventory, POs, outbound orders etc. The stable and seamless environment provided by MegaXML allows Single Source to be online 24x7 as close to real time as possible. Single Source has benefitted with the MegaXML solution in providing a full-time employee equivalent services. The solution provides us more time to focus on creating efficiencies in our core IT infrastructure.
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About Task Performance Group
Task Performance Group (TPG) is a strategic B2B E-commerce partner for small to large business partners Integrating EDI, XML and EDIFACT with Oracle®, SAP®, IBM®, Infor®, Microsoft® and legacy systems. In essence, what TPG is known for is taking care of its customers’ EDI related Supply Chain seamless EDI integration with your business process, efficient EDI document exchange, rapid business partner on-boarding, implementation of trading partners’ EDI change requests, EDI compliance, providing real-time BI Analytics for increasing Supply Chain Efficiency so that our customers can focus on their core mission and business priorities to become more profitable.

B2B E-commerce EDI document exchange is the heart of doing business between company buyers and suppliers. Typical EDI packaged software and services available in the market require staff with EDI expertise and tremendous efforts to keep up with frequent EDI changes required by business partners; adding new business partners to your EDI system requires a colossal effort with resulting delays in on-boarding. In order to gain operational efficiencies more and more companies are looking to outsource EDI processes and reduce IT resource requirements.

TPG provides customized EDI solutions. Our flagship MegaXML® B2B E-commerce EDI integration software applies challenging technologies and produces the most flexible solution for your business. MegaXML streamlines B2B E-commerce operation resulting in automation and cost savings. We add the human touch to our award winning software, making TPG customer-centric. Our product suite provides spectrum of EDI software and services for a one-stop-shop for your EDI business.

We process EDI data for thousands of business partners creating economies of scale. We provide efficient EDI document exchange software and services while containing costs, limiting or completely eliminating EDI-related IT expenses and eliminating the overall risk and liability exposure related to compliance charge-backs.

Hosted and completely managed MegaXMLCustomized EDI solution
Task Performance Group (TPG) provides hosted and completely managed customized EDI integration solution on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. MegaXML solutions process EDI, EDIFACT and XML data for a variety of industries such as Auto, Distribution, Electronics, Food, Grocers, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Steel, Warehousing, and more -- creating economies of scale. MegaXML EDI solution on SaaS platform provides the best of both worlds; reducing IT resources to maintain your EDI system while taking advantage of TPG’s infrastructure and technical resources at fraction of your current cost.

MegaXML solution is flexible and adaptable for EDI integration; your investment in the existing ERP and legacy system remains intact. Task Performance Group has global reach in processing EDI, EDIFACT and XML documents from Asia, Europe and Americas.

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