Customized EDI Integration Solutions
TPG analyzed Avlon’s business process and designed a customized turn-key solution using their MegaXML software. The EDI process was automated and integrated enterprise wide to collaborate with back-end ERP thereby improving supply chain efficiency. Within the first year our investment in MegaXML was paid off. Saving thousands of dollars in chargebacks due to 100% EDI compliance. Attaining two-fold increase in orders.
CEO, Avlon
Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains GP Seamless integration with EDI & XML
MegaXML/GP is primarily designed for Microsoft Dynamics GP® integration with EDI and XML. It provides seamless integration between front-end B2B E-commerce and backend Great Plains Accounting system.

Using MegaXML/GP the trading partners' documents such as sales purchase orders, payments etc. in EDI, XML, flat file or CSV are marshaled to backend using Microsoft eConnect interface and delivered to Great Plains for further processing. Similarly Invoices from Great Plains are retrieved and delivered to your trading partners in EDI, XML, flat file or CSV. Automatic data synchronization between trading partners and Great Plains is fast and accurate, saving time and cost.

A rich set of GUI screens as a part of MegaXML/GP makes order and invoice processing streamlined and possible by just a few key strokes or mouse clicks.

The MCA/GP adapter uses the Microsoft eConnect libraries for importing and exporting documents from Great Plains. There are several advantages in using eConnect for connectivity as opposed to connecting directly to the database:

  • Portability: The eConnect library interface is largely portable between Great Plains versions.
  • Data Integrity: Data goes through XML documents that are validated against Microsoft defined XML Schemas. Therefore, there is no chance of bad data getting injected into the database.

Operational Details
No modifications are required to the Great Plains installation in order to implement MegaXML-MCA/GP integration. The MCA/GP is a C# .NET subsystem that natively communicates with eConnect interface. Using XSD Schema brings strong business logic validation feature, it reliably passes on the XML business document to Great Plains. Using Windows MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue), the MegaXML-MCA/GP confirms acceptance of the posted XML document by the Great Plains. It also uses the "Transaction Requestor" service to move business documents out of Great Plains for its subsequent processing, and eventual transmission back to EDI partners.

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