Customized EDI Integration Solutions
Our previous EDI and EDIFACT solution required hardware, software an IT employee who often struggled to keep up with customers’ mapping requirements. Using MegaXML solution we have been able to eliminate the mentioned overhead and our IT employee now has more time for further important projects
Manager, IT – Wells manufacturing
Real-Time Analytics
B2B E-commerce Real-time EDI data provides tremendous Business Intelligence (BI) for Supply Chain Management (SCM) decision makers. MegaXML solutions provide comprehensive functionality for real-time Analysis and Reporting. The Digital Dashboard’s drilled down functionality makes complex and critical data available quickly.

MegaXML BI real-time Analytics provides your B2B E-commerce process insight to react quickly with buyers’ changing behavior. You can access all kinds of measurable information about your B2B E-commerce operation.

The B2B E-commerce Drilled down dashboard showing high level real-time analytics as well as historical data showing your EDI activities patterns. The drilled down nature of the BI web-portal allows locating individual documents for viewing and taking required action.

Business Intelligence has moved from strategic and tactical use to now also operational, real time, managing B2B E-commerce EDI related Supply Chain Management (SCM). Everyone needs fast access to relevant, decision-quality information. With immediate insights into vast amounts of data via MegaXML BI drilled down dashboard, you can explore business quickly and efficiently and improve your ability to make sound and timely decisions.

The MegaXML BI Analytics provides you a seamless 360 degree view linking PO-Shipments-invoices making your purchase order management process simpler. Our experience shows EDI analyst and EDI customer service personnel spend 27% of their time matching PO with Shipping and Invoice information for their customers. With MegaXML BI portal it is accomplished within a few clicks. Information is really at users’ fingertips. You no longer have to run out and get reports. Not only users get this information within a few clicks but it is super easy to export to Excel, Adobe Reader for the entire community use for solving problems.
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